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This is a photograph of John F. Kennedy on stage speaking to the crowd at the Charlotte Coliseum in 1960 while on the campaign trail. A cameraman for WBTV is filming.

This is a black and white photograph of Senator John F. Kennedy at the Charlotte Coliseum in 1960 campaigning for President. In this image, he is smiling as a WBTV cameraman films him.

This is a black and white photograph of Richard Nixon as he appeared on The Arthur Smith Show in 1954 as Vice-President. He is seen playing the piano with three other band members.

This is an image of Nixon in Charlotte as Vice-President with his wife. He is speaking on stage to reporters.

This is a photo of the platform of the Green Pastures Rally in Memorial Stadium that took place in 1936 in Charlotte. A large crowd has already gathered around the stage, where the President sits.

This is a photo of the crowd at Memorial Stadium during the Green Pastures Rally.

This is a photo of President Roosevelt being helped to the podium at the Green Pastures Rally. He needed assistance due to his bout with polio.

This is a letter written to visitors in attendance at the Green Pastures Rally by the Mayor of Charlotte. It appeared in the official souvenir program.

FDR cover.jpg
This is the cover of the official souvenir program to the 1936 Green Pastures Rally in Charlotte. President Roosevelt is colorfully depicted along with green trees and hills.

This is a scanned image of an entry made by Erastus C. McAlpine into his diary in 1916 briefly recounting the presidential of Woodrow Wilson. This is his third entry used in this exhibit. His diary is very detailed throughout. In this particular…
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