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This is a black and white photograph of the Freedom Day Celebration after most people had left. A lot of trash is seen on the ground as Charlotteans continue to walk around.

This is the cover of "Southern Diary" magazine depicting President Eisenhower eating southern food surrounded by local leaders. It appeared in the July-August 1954 edition.

This is a photo of President Eisenhower peering over a special table which was available for him to dine on during the celebration. Underneath a glass panel were the words of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.

This is a photo of President Eisenhower waving to the crowd in Charlotte after taking the main stage in Freedom Park. Behind him are several guests also surrounded by the stars and stripes.

This is an image of a large cake baked in honor of the President's visit with the words of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence written with icing. A lady proudly stands next to the cake with a ribbon commemorating the special day.

This is a photo of several kids and adults sitting on the lawn casually enjoying Freedom Celebration day.

This is an image of two women with binoculars watching the main stage during Freedom Celebration Day. One is wearing a homemade patriotic hat fashioned out of newspaper.

This is a photo of the crowd at Freedom Celebration Day in 1954 in Freedom Park. The view is from behind as the crowd faces the main platform where President Eisenhower sat.

This is a ribbon worn on May 18, 1954 for Freedom Celebration Day.

This is a photo of a bus with a banner attached to the front welcoming Ike (President Eisenhower) to Charlotte for Freedom Celebration Day in 1954.
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